Ultimate Pack Overview

Ultimate Pack Overview

Ultimate Pack Overview

The ultimate size-pack at ToonCharacters.com is the only package that contains layered vector sources (ai). By editing these files with Adobe Illustrator, you can change colors, enlarge each pose as much as you need and even create new postures and moods.

So, here’s what our ultimate pack contains:

Content of the Ultimate Pack

Content of the Ultimate Pack

And here’s what you can do with our ultimate packs:

1. Change colors.

Changing colors of our Toon Characters is as easy as pie. You can change the whole look and feel in a few simple steps. Take a look at our article “How to Change Colors of a Toon Character in 3 Easy Steps.

2. Create new poses.

Although our Toon Characters come in sets of 100 poses, you may want to create a specific pose to suit your needs. Our ultimate pack gives you the option to create your own poses. We’ve described in 3 simple steps how to do that in our article “How to Create your Own Pose in Adobe Illustrator.”

3. Resize as much as you need without losing quality.

Generally, if you enlarge a raster image (jpg, png), you will get a low-quality image and won’t be satisfied with the results. So, if you want to resize any of our characters, for example to billboard proportions, it’s better to get the vector sources that are available only in our ultimate packs. Here’s a clear example of scaled up raster and vector images:

The difference between raster and vector image

You can also take a look at this short video to get a better idea of what our ultimate pack contains:

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