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Attractive Business Woman Cartoon Character Set

Business Woman Cartoon Character presented in 63 different postures and moods. She’s smart, elegant and attractive. It really looks like she’s good in doing business, she’s got that self-confident look & feel. We have created a top-notch cartoon character with perfection in every detail. And we truly believe that if you use our business woman, your project will look much … Continue reading

Female Cartoon Character With Glasses

Female cartoon character that looks happy and excited. We have made a set of 100 poses that would fit perfectly to your creative projects. There’s also a bonus to all packages - 10 poses with ready-made backgrounds and shapes. Continue reading

Pretty Girl Cartoon Character Set

Pretty girl cartoon character that looks like a successful business woman. Our cartoon character is dressed formally, in a tidy and neat suit. Continue reading

Office Woman Cartoon Character Set

Office woman cartoon character that looks skilled in doing all kind of office tasks. She is that invaluable assistant that always do the right things right. Be sure to get this huge set and use it on your next design project. Continue reading

Curly Housewife Cartoon Character

Curly housewife cartoon character set containing 75 poses. Our housewife cartoon character is good at running the household. She cooks, cleans and looks after the children with a smile. Today we present our latest housewife cartoon character. We have designed a regular housewife cartoon character doing her day to day duties. We filled all poses with energy and joy. And … Continue reading

Elegant Business Girl

Elegant business girl cartoon character made in 112 great poses. We have made a stylish and friendly looking girl that could really liven up your projects! Continue reading

Charming Business Girl

Charming business girl made in 112 diverse and fun poses. The toon was created with different emotions, concepts and presentation poses. The concepts section includes the girl holding various objects such as books, letters, arrows and more. Continue reading

Attractive Girl Cartoon Character Set

Attractive girl cartoon character featuring welcome and friendly appearance. Use our thin and elegant character to any of your design projects. Continue reading

Woman Baking in the Kitchen Cartoon Character

Woman baking in the kitchen cartoon character set containing 100 vibrant and colorful poses. Use any of these poses for your web or print related projects. We have no doubt that our charming lady will help you to make your artworks look more attractive and memorable. Continue reading

Casual Woman Cartoon Character Set

Casual woman cartoon character set that contains 100 different poses. We have created a charming female character that will surely help your creative projects. Continue reading
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