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Male Doctor Cartoon Character Set

Male doctor cartoon character designed in clear and clean style. Use our set of 100 poses for any project related to health and medicine. Be sure that our doctor character will add friendly and welcome look to your artworks. Continue reading

Surgeon Cartoon Character

Surgeon cartoon character designed in clear and clean style. We did our best to create a cartoon character set that will make your projects much friendlier and welcome. And here’s how a friendly surgeon should look like - take a look at all poses and choose the size-pack that suits to your needs completely. Continue reading

Funny Doctor Cartoon Character

Doctor cartoon character designed in funny and cheerful style. We have created more than 100 poses and moods and included them in all packages. Get our doctor cartoon character and add welcome look and feel to your projects! Continue reading

Medical Assistant Cartoon Character

Medical assistant cartoon character made in a huge amount of poses - 100! Even more, we’ve added 12 bonus shapes and backgrounds to all packages. But it’s not the quantity but the quality of our sets that make us special. Take a look at all poses and choose a size-pack that suits to your needs. Continue reading

Male Doctor Cartoon Character

Male doctor cartoon character set designed in 80 poses. We have created tidy and neat doctor cartoon character. He will add friendly look and feel to your artworks. Use it both for web and print designs. Doctor cartoon character designed with perfection in every detail. Great vector illustration for all projects related to the health care industry. Be sure that … Continue reading

Clinician Cartoon Character

Clinician cartoon character designed with close attention to every detail. We have made 100 poses that will surely help you with your medicine projects and anything health related. Continue reading

Medical Practitioner Cartoon Character

Medical practitioner cartoon character made in 100 action poses. Our doctor character would be a perfect match to all kind of health and medicine projects. Take a look at all poses and choose a suitable size-pack to your own needs. Continue reading