Shiny Superhero Cartoon Character Set

Shiny superhero cartoon character available in 73 action poses. We’ve made a fun and friendly looking toon that could really liven up your projects! Continue reading

Superhero with Cloak Cartoon Character

Superhero cartoon character dressed like a real hero - he’s got a cloak, superhero costume and of course, a million dollar smile. Continue reading

Mighty Superhero Cartoon Character

Mighty superhero cartoon character designed in 63 great poses. We have even added 10 bonus shapes and backgrounds to all packages. Continue reading

Superhero Businessman Cartoon Character

Superhero businessman cartoon character set made in 73 different poses and moods. Use this cheerful toon in any of your projects. It will surely leave a lasting impression on people. Continue reading

Muscle Superhero Cartoon Character Set

We wanted to create a superhero cartoon character for so long, a superhero illustration that will surpass all other cartoon characters in power and strength. And today we’re glad to present our newest creation – a superhero character loaded with muscles and vigor. He’s cleanly made to sport that comic book charm we all love. That’s perfect for any web … Continue reading
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