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Cute Pencil Cartoon Character

Cute Pencil Cartoon Character

Cute Pencil Cartoon Character

Cute Pencil Cartoon Character has 100+ ready-to-use poses and moods. You can use this creative and fun cartoon character in many different types of projects. We guarantee it will impress your clients.

This Cute Pencil Cartoon Character has 100 awesome poses plus 12 amazing bonus shapes and backgrounds. There are a lot of emotion poses you can use – angry, happy, sad, thumbs up and many many others ready to adapt to any situation required. We have also made a research to include different useful poses with items such as poses with ipad, iphone, laptops, arrows, graph, support, calculator etc.
So for example, if you need a character to hold a notepad we have you covered up.

With the package you also get all vector source files.

This will help you make your own poses or edit the poses we have made using Adobe Illustrator CC.

The character is made by vector shapes and this make it compatible with large sizes designs like billboards, retina projects, and every type of prints.
If you wish to customize the character, then you should go ahead and grab the ultimate pack. With the added Symbol Library files, you can easily come up with your own pose design. All you need is some basic knowledge with Adobe Illustrator CC and you can come up with something great!

If you are looking for more cool characters check out our Object characters or our Outline characters.

The pack contains vector files that could be edited with Adobe Illustrator CC. Note that you will need some skills to edit the cartoon characters.

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