Delivery Guy Cartoon Character

Delivery guy cartoon character that will help you to liven up your design projects. Use any of these 100 poses to add a pinch of personality in your artworks. Continue reading

Clinician Cartoon Character

Clinician cartoon character designed with close attention to every detail. We have made 100 poses that will surely help you with your medicine projects and anything health related. Continue reading

Knight Vector Character Cartoon

Vector knight character illustration ready to bring some nobility and style into your designs. Dive into abundance of treasures, sand clocks, swords and other enchanting and beautiful poses and objects. Sure, this knight can stop time and let you marvel. Continue reading

Medical Practitioner Cartoon Character

Medical practitioner cartoon character made in 100 action poses. Our doctor character would be a perfect match to all kind of health and medicine projects. Take a look at all poses and choose a suitable size-pack to your own needs. Continue reading

Supplier Boy Cartoon Character

Supplier boy cartoon character made in clean and eye-catchy style. With 100 different poses included in this pack, we have no doubt that this guy will be help you in any situation. Use our supplier boy in any design related to Continue reading

Cowboy Cartoon Character Set

Traditionally, cowboys are known to be dangerous criminals and always seek quarrels. And today we present a fresh cowboy, a cowboy cartoon character that looks welcome and friendly. We put our heart and soul into every posture and we truly believe that they look natural and vibrant. That’s good for your design related projects, there’s no doubt that you will … Continue reading

Nutty Professor – Cartoon Character Set

Awesome illustrations presenting a very friendly and welcome professor. Actually, this cartoon character is a kind of crazy, but that only makes him more attractive and charming. These scientist illustrations are really cool and will work great for any project, starting from advertising purposes, business cards, websites designs, t-shirts, logo templates and video products, to podcasts and book covers. And it … Continue reading

Creative Artist Cartoon Character Set

Cartoon character set presenting an artist in various moods and postures. Really attractive and charming illustration of a young boy that will make your design project look friendlier and more inviting. For example, apply the cartoon characters to a portfolio website, business card, poster, presentation, book cover, email template, mobile application and anything else related to print, web and graphic … Continue reading

Smart Boy With Glasses – Cartoon Character Set

Boy cartoon character set containing 56 different postures/emotions. This funny fella is great for your next web and print project, and will surely add positive and cheerful atmosphere. The cartoon character looks clean, attractive and funny. We’ve designed the typical smart boy that loves to learn – he’s with glasses, braces and looks clever at getting what he want. We’ve got you … Continue reading

Professor Cartoon Character Set

Today we are glad to present our newest cartoon character – a professor illustration made with perfection in every detail. Great cartoon character featuring attractive, charming and funny look. That’s great for your personal projects, you could easily take this cartoon character and place it on your portfolio template and state that you’re a mad scientist on Html & CSS … Continue reading
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