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ToonCharacters took a big step and rebranded to GraphicMama.

All current cartoon characters can still be browsed at ToonCharacters but are available for purchase at GraphicMama.com


Mummy Cartoon Character

Mummy Cartoon CharacterBig Preview

Mummy Cartoon Character Big Preview

The Mummy Cartoon Character is the right choice for you if you want to impress your clients. It is great for your Halloween themed projects.


It will work perfectly for you, because you can choose from 112 poses in the pack, and you can edit them if you choose the ultimate pack. There are emotion poses like angry, scared, duckface, bored and many others that you can combine with your ideas. The character also contains 12 bonus shapes and backgrounds to make your designs complete.

We’ve also made poses with different type of objects like a laptop, cake, lantern, gift and others to fit your projects. The level of details make the cartoon character suit any kind of design for web, print, presentations and others.

We have also included special new Halloween themed items such as cauldrons, pumpkins, candies and others.

If you have skills for editing vector files, the vector source files included in the pack would allow you to easily change  colors, body parts, poses and etc. You will be able to make your own concepts by editing the existing ones and make them fit your need. If you like our mummy cartoon character just pick a size and purchase it now!

Looking for some more holiday toons to use in your projects? Feel free to browse through our Holiday characters section and take your pick.

The pack also features the vector files which could be edited with Adobe Illustrator CC or other vector program. Note that you will need some skills to edit the cartoon characters.

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