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Supplier Girl Cartoon Character

Supplier Girl Cartoon Character Preview

Supplier Girl Cartoon Character Preview

Supplier girl cartoon character that looks skilled in all aspects of delivering and transportation. That’s a cheerful supplier that will really add welcome and friendly look to your projects.

Supplier girl cartoon character designed in clear and clean style. We did our best to create a character that will make your projects friendlier and more welcome. Take a look at all poses and choose a size-pack that suits to your needs completely.

We’ve got you covered with 100 poses and moods, there are poses with all kind of gadgets included – packages, letters, vehicles, boxes and many more. All you’d ever need for your delivery and transportation designs!

And if you haven’t decided which delivery character will fit your projects, just take a look at our characters. We’ve got plenty of male and female delivery characters that could be the perfect match to your projects.

We have also added the character’s vector sources, symbols and body parts. And by having the vector sources, you will be able to customize the whole look and feel of any posture. You will just need Adobe Illustrator and some basic skills in graphic design.

The pack includes the vector files which could be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Note that you will need some skills to edit the cartoon characters.

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