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ToonCharacters took a big step and rebranded to GraphicMama.

All current cartoon characters can still be browsed at ToonCharacters but are available for purchase at GraphicMama.com



Why did you rebrand?
The idea to rebrand ToonCharacters to GraphicMama was born out of our overall business objective to develop our service as one of the best sources for high-quality graphic illustrations available throughout the web. Since we wanted to expand our graphic product range beyond cartoon characters, our old brand name ToonCharacters wasn’t embracing enough our ambition, along with our growing product line. Our new brand name GraphicMama came naturally as corresponding to our much wider spectrum of vector graphics types and categories. Currently, all your ToonCharacters favourites are available at GraphicMama.com, as well as many new and upcoming products. Enjoy!

Is ToonCharacters.com still going to be active?
Yes. ToonCharacters.com will still going to be active and accessible for a while. After a certain period of time all visits will be redirected to GraphicMama.com. Note that while you will be able to browse through the current ToonCharacters content, all products will be available for purchase at GraphicMama.com only.

Has the Pricing Policy changed?
Yes. There are a few changes of the Pricing Policy.

    • Firstly, GraphicMama brings in a new type of currency – credits, which entirely replaces the current payment method. You can learn more about the new credit pricing here.
    • Secondly, the small and medium purchase options drop out. At GraphicMama all items come in large JPG files and editable vector formats.
    • Thirdly, at GraphicMama you are no more obligated to buy a whole set or pack. You are free to purchase just a single item or a few of your choice.

Are there new types products?
Yes. We have introduced a brand new product category at GraphicMama – themed graphic packs. The collections are sorted by subject and category and wrapped for you into handy packs. Feel free to browse them here.

I have a question or complaint. How to contact you?
To get in touch with us, use our new GraphicMama contact form at https://graphicmama.com/support/tickets/create.
We’d be happy to respond within 24 hours.

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