Smiling Superhero Cartoon Character

Smiling superhero cartoon character designed with perfection in every pixel. We have created 63 different poses and moods that will suit a wide range of projects. Continue reading

Super Man Cartoon Character

Super man cartoon character designed in 63 poses and moods. We have created a cartoon character gifted with the power to liven up your design projects. Continue reading

Superhero with a Mask Cartoon Character

Superhero cartoon character set containing 63 amazing poses. Our charming superhero has the strength to deal with any situation. His cheerful nature will surely make your projects look better. Continue reading

Geek Superhero Cartoon Character Set

Impressive vector set containing 16 highly detailed superhero cartoon characters. These are no ordinary superhero cartoon characters – they are geeks! And they are extremely smart and charming! You know that by placing a high quality cartoon character to your projects, you will have that super trustworthy and qualified look & feel. Attracting the user’s attention and persuading your clients … Continue reading

Superhero Captain Cartoon Character

Superhero cartoon character dressed like a captain. We have created 63 poses of a superhero captain that will surely liven up your projects. Continue reading

Shiny Superhero Cartoon Character Set

Superhero cartoon character available in 15 action poses. The world needs a superhero. So does your design project. Your web or print design will surely welcome a high quality, smart, shiny and attractive superhero cartoon character. And we’ve designed a superhero character that has not only superhuman powers, but also got the charming and attractive look. He’s perfect for promoting … Continue reading

Superhero with Cloak Cartoon Character

Superhero cartoon character dressed like a real hero - he’s got a cloak, superhero costume and of course, a million dollar smile. Continue reading

Mighty Superhero Cartoon Character

Mighty superhero cartoon character designed in 63 great poses. We have even added 10 bonus shapes and backgrounds to all packages. Continue reading

Superhero-Businessman Cartoon Character Set

That’s not a regular superhero character set. That’s a businessman superhero! And the superhero illustration is presented in 15 different postures and moods. Perfect for presenting services and products related to accountancy, statistics, banking, bookkeeping and any other business that has anything in common with internet, technology and finances. We did our best to create clean, sharp and attractive superhero … Continue reading

Muscle Superhero Cartoon Character Set

We wanted to create a superhero cartoon character for so long, a superhero illustration that will surpass all other cartoon characters in power and strength. And today we’re glad to present our newest creation – a superhero character loaded with muscles and vigor. He’s clean, sharp and attractive. That’s perfect for any web or print related project. For example, place … Continue reading