Baby Robot Cartoon Character

Baby Robot Cartoon Character Preview

Baby Robot Cartoon Character Preview

Baby robot cartoon character designed in super sweet and charming style. We’ve made 100 poses filled with emotions and fresh atmosphere. Add a real personality to your designs just by using any of our toon characters!

Baby robot cartoon character featuring cheerful and friendly look. We’ve made a set of 100 poses and moods that could come in handy anytime – use our cute robot to projects related to internet, technology, education and games. Be sure that once you put our robot to your designs, it will instantly produce fun and friendly atmosphere.

We paid special attention to every pose and the final result is great. Our baby robot could really help you with your designs, be it web or print related. Use the robot on any website design, flyer, poster, presentation, email template, mobile application, blog, video and anywhere else you’d like.

When it comes to customizing our characters, the sky is the limit. All you need is the ultimate size-pack which contains the vector sources of the robot. Then, edit these vector sources by using Adobe Illustrator and come up with your very own postures and colors. However, some basic skills in Adobe Illustrator are required in order to customize the characters.

There are 12 shapes and backgrounds included in all packages as a bonus. So, you don’t have to worry about it, we’ve took care for that too!

The ultimate pack contains vector files which could be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Note that you will need some skills to edit the cartoon characters.

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